• Rhabdos (greek) = rod
  •    Mononegavirales order
  • negative, ss, monopartite RNA (11.9 kb) viruses.
  • capsid is roughly bullet shaped and about 75 nm wide and 180 nm long.
  • enveloped viruses with large protein projections
Group V: (-)sense RNA Viruses
Order Mononegavirales
FamilyGenusType SpeciesHosts
RhabdoviridaeVesiculovirusVesicular stomatitis Indiana virusVertebrates
Lyssavirus (Greek, ‘frenzy’)Rabies virusVertebrates
EphemerovirusBovine ephemeral fever virusVertebrates
NovirhabdovirusInfectious hematopoietic necrosis virusVertebrates
CytorhabdovirusLettuce necrotic yellows virusPlants
NucleorhabdovirusPotato yellow dwarf virusPlants


  • Order : Mononegavirales
  • Family : Rhabdoviridae
  • Genus : Vesiculovirus
  • SPECIES Type: Vesicular stomatitis Indiana virus (VSIV)
  • Main: Cocal virus (COCV)
    Maraba virus (MARAV)
    Piry virus (PIRYV)
  • REFERENCE STRAIN Vesicular stomatitis Indiana virus
  • HOST Human, cattle, horse, swine, sandflies, blackflies
  • CELL TROPISM VSV: mainly neurons
  • GEOGRAPHY ASSOCIATED DISEASES Vesicular diseases, encephalitis
    Human: flu-like symptoms
  • TRANSMISSION Zoonosis, arthropod bite. Mostly sandflies



  • Order : Mononegavirales
  • Family : Rhabdoviridae
  • Genus : Lyssavirus
  • SPECIES Type: Rabies virus (RABV)
  • Main: Mokola virus (MOKV)
    Duvenhage virus
  • REFERENCE STRAIN Rabies virus
    Mokola virus
    Australian bat lyssavirus
    European bat lyssavirus 1
    European bat lyssavirus 2
  • HOST Human, mammals
  •     CELL TROPISM Neurons
  • GEOGRAPHY Worldwide except for Australia, Antarctica, England, New-Zealand, Japan, Island.
  • ASSOCIATED DISEASES Rabies fatal encephalitis
  • TRANSMISSION Zoonosis, animal bite




  • Order : Mononegavirales
  • Family : Rhabdoviridae
  • Genus: Ephemerovirus
  • SPECIES Type : Bovine ephemeral fever virus (BEFV)
  • Main:Berrimah virus (BRMV)
  • REFERENCE STRAIN Bovine ephemeral fever virus
    NATURAL HOSTS BEFV: Cattle, mosquitoes
  • GEOGRAPHY: Africa and southern asia ASSOCIATED DISEASES sudden fever
  • TRANSMISSION arthropod-borne.



  • Order : Mononegavirales
  • Family : Rhabdoviridae
  • Genus : Cytorhabdovirus
  • SPECIES Type : Lettuce necrotic yellows virus (LNYV)
  • Main : Northern cereal mosaic virus (NCMV)
  • REFERENCE STRAIN Lettuce necrotic yellows virus
  • NATURAL HOST Plants and insect vectors.
  • GEOGRAPHY: Australia
  • TRANSMISSION insect vectors: aphid, leafhopper or planthopper.


  • Order : Mononegavirales
  • Family : Rhabdoviridae
  • Genus : Nucleorhabdovirus
  • SPECIES Type: Potato yellow dwarf virus(PYDV)
  • Main : Maize mosaic virus (MMV)
  • REFERENCE STRAIN Maize mosaic virus
    NATURAL HOSTS Plants, planthopper
  • DISEASES TRANSMISSION Mechanical, insect vector


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