2023 Impact Factors of Top High-Impact Academic Journals in Cancer, Cell Biology, Immunology, Genetics, Microbiology, and Public Health

Academic journals are a crucial resource for academics and researchers across a range of subject areas to keep up with the most recent developments and trends in their professions. Numerous publications exist in the domains of cancer, cell and molecular biology, immunology, genetics, microbiology, and public health that provide insightful information and chances for further study. High-Impact Academic Journals, The impact factor (IF)-2022-23, which is determined by the number of citations a journal’s articles acquire over a two-year period, is a gauge of a journal’s significance and influence within the academic world. The best journals in these categories are included in this article along with their most recent impact factors. These prestigious magazines give researchers a venue to present their findings to the scientific world.

Note: Impact factors are for the period 2022–2023 and may vary depending on the scoring authority.

List of Top Medicine Journals

Journal NameImpact Factor (IF)HistoryPublisherField
The Lancet202.731Founded in 1823ElsevierMedicine
New England Journal of Medicine176.079Founded in 1812Massachusetts Medical SocietyMedicine
Journal of the American Medical Association157.3Founded in 1883American Medical AssociationMedicine
The BMJ96.216Founded in 1840BMJ GroupMedicine
Annals of Internal Medicine51.598Founded in 1927American College of PhysiciansMedicine
PLOS Medicine11.613Founded in 2004Public Library of ScienceMedicine
The Journal of Clinical Investigation19.477Founded in 1924American Society for Clinical InvestigationMedicine
JAMA Internal Medicine44.424Founded in 1908American Medical AssociationMedicine
The Lancet Oncology54.433Founded in 2000ElsevierOncology
The Lancet Neurology59.935Founded in 2002ElsevierNeurology
The Lancet Infectious Diseases71.421Founded in 2001ElsevierInfectious Diseases
The Lancet Respiratory Medicine102.642Founded in 2013ElsevierRespiratory Medicine
JAMA Pediatrics26.8Founded in 1911American Medical AssociationPediatrics
The Journal of Pediatrics6.314Founded in 1932ElsevierPediatrics
Pediatrics9.703Founded in 1948American Academy of PediatricsPediatrics
Neurology11.360Founded in 1951American Academy of NeurologyNeurology
Critical Care Medicine9.296Founded in 1973Lippincott Williams & WilkinsCritical Care Medicine
JAMA Dermatology11.816Founded in 1904American Medical AssociationDermatology
JAMA Ophthalmology8.253Founded in 1869American Medical AssociationOphthalmology
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology14.29Founded in 1929ElsevierImmunology
Top journals of Medicine: High-Impact Academic Journals

List of top Cell/Molecular Biology Journals

Journal NameImpact Factor (IF)HistoryPublisherField
Journal of Biological Chemistry5.485Founded in 1905American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyBiochemistry
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences12.779Founded in 1914National Academy of SciencesMultidisciplinary
Molecular Cell19.328Founded in 1997Cell PressMolecular Biology
Nature Cell Biology28.213Founded in 1999Nature Publishing GroupCell Biology
Nature Methods47.99Founded in 2004Nature Publishing GroupMethods
Nature Communications17.694Founded in 2010Nature Publishing GroupMultidisciplinary
Cell66.85Founded in 1974Cell PressCell Biology
Cell Stem Cell25.269Founded in 2007Cell PressStem Cell Research
EMBO Journal13.783Founded in 1982European Molecular Biology OrganizationMolecular Biology
Developmental Cell13.417Founded in 2001Cell PressDevelopmental Biology
Annual Review of Biochemistry27.258Founded in 1932Annual ReviewsBiochemistry
Cell Reports14.3Founded in 2012Cell PressCell Biology
Journal of Cell Biology8.077Founded in 1955Rockefeller University PressCell Biology
Molecular Biology of the Cell3.612Founded in 1989American Society for Cell BiologyCell Biology
Cell Death and Differentiation12.073Founded in 1994Nature Publishing GroupCell Biology
Genome Biology18.01Founded in 2000BioMed CentralGenomics
Cancer Cell38.585Founded in 2002Cell PressCancer Biology
eLife8.713Founded in 2012eLife Sciences PublicationsMultidisciplinary
Nature Structural and Molecular Biology18.361Founded in 1994Nature Publishing GroupStructural Biology
Trends in Cell Biology21.167Founded in 1991ElsevierCell Biology
Journals of Cell and Molecular Biology: High-Impact Academic Journals

List of Top Microbiology Journals

Journal NameImpact Factor(IF)HistoryPublisherField
Journal of Bacteriology3.476Founded in 1916American Society for MicrobiologyBacteriology
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences12.779Founded in 1914National Academy of SciencesMultidisciplinary
Journal of Virology6.549Founded in 1967American Society for MicrobiologyVirology
Applied and Environmental Microbiology5.005Founded in 1953American Society for MicrobiologyEnvironmental Microbiology
mBio7.786Founded in 2010American Society for MicrobiologyMultidisciplinary
Annual Review of Microbiology10.242Founded in 1947Annual ReviewsMicrobiology
PLOS Pathogens7.464Founded in 2005Public Library of SciencePathogens
ISME Journal11.217Founded in 2007Nature Publishing GroupMicrobial Ecology
Cell Host and Microbe31.316Founded in 2007Cell PressMicrobial Host-Pathogen Interactions
Journal of Microbiology3.78Founded in 1962Korean Society for Microbiology and BiotechnologyMicrobiology
Nature Microbiology30.964Founded in 2016Nature Publishing GroupMicrobiology
Environmental Microbiology5.476Founded in 1999Society for Applied MicrobiologyEnvironmental Microbiology
FEMS Microbiology Reviews15.177Founded in 1985Federation of European Microbiological SocietiesMicrobiology
Journal of Clinical Microbiology11.677Founded in 1975American Society for MicrobiologyClinical Microbiology
Infection and Immunity9.61Founded in 1970American Society for MicrobiologyImmunology
Current Opinion in Microbiology6.94Founded in 1998ElsevierMicrobiology
Microbiome16.8Founded in 2013BioMed CentralMicrobiome Research
Trends in Microbiology18.23Founded in 1993ElsevierMicrobiology
Frontiers in Microbiology6.064Founded in 2010Frontiers MediaMicrobiology
Molecular Microbiology4.25Founded in 1987Wiley-BlackwellMolecular Microbiology
Top Journals of Microbiology: High-Impact Academic Journals

List of Top Genetics Journals

Journal NameImpact Factor(IF)HistoryPublisherField
Genetics3.69Founded in 1916Genetics Society of AmericaGeneral Genetics
Journal of Molecular Biology6.15Founded in 1959ElsevierMolecular Biology, Genetics
Nature Genetics38.330Founded in 1992Springer NatureGenetics, Genomics
Genome Research9.438Founded in 1995Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory PressGenomics
Human Molecular Genetics5.121Founded in 1992Oxford University PressGenetics, Genomics
Annual Review of Genetics13.826Founded in 1967Annual ReviewsGenetics
Genes & Development12.89Founded in 1987Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory PressMolecular Genetics
PLOS Genetics5.917Founded in 2005Public Library of ScienceGenetics, Genomics
American Journal of Human Genetics11.04Founded in 1949Cell PressHuman Genetics
Molecular Genetics and Genomics2.47Founded in 1967SpringerGenetics, Genomics
Genome Biology18.01Founded in 2000BioMed CentralGenomics
Trends in Genetics11.821Founded in 1985ElsevierGenetics
Genetics in Medicine9.35Founded in 1998Springer NatureMedical Genetics
Journal of Medical Genetics5.945Founded in 1964BMJ Publishing GroupMedical Genetics
Epigenetics & Chromatin5.488Founded in 2008BioMed CentralEpigenetics
European Journal of Human Genetics5.35Founded in 1993Nature Publishing GroupHuman Genetics
Molecular and Cellular Biology5.094Founded in 1981American Society for MicrobiologyMolecular Biology, Genetics
Heredity3.832Founded in 1947Nature Publishing GroupGenetics
Genetics and Molecular Biology2.08Founded in 1978Brazilian Society of GeneticsGenetics
Current Opinion in Genetics & Development4.665Founded in 1991ElsevierGenetics
Top Journals of Genetics and Genomics: High-Impact Academic Journals

List of Top Cancer Journals

Journal NameImpact Factor(IF)HistoryPublisherField
Cancer Research8.3Founded in 1941American Association for Cancer ResearchCancer Biology
Journal of the National Cancer Institute11.816Founded in 1940Oxford University PressCancer Research
Cancer Cell38.585Founded in 2002Cell PressCancer Biology
Nature Reviews Cancer69.8Founded in 2001Springer NatureCancer Research
Clinical Cancer Research13.801Founded in 1995American Association for Cancer ResearchClinical Oncology
Cancer Discovery31.39Founded in 2011American Association for Cancer ResearchCancer Biology
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention4.09Founded in 1991American Association for Cancer ResearchCancer Epidemiology
Cancer Immunology Research12.02Founded in 2013American Association for Cancer ResearchCancer Immunology
Cancer Treatment Reviews13.61Founded in 1974ElsevierOncology
Journal of Clinical Oncology50.71Founded in 1983American Society of Clinical OncologyClinical Oncology
Journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology50.71Founded in 1983American Society of Clinical OncologyClinical Oncology
Cancer Letters9.756Founded in 1975ElsevierCancer Research
International Journal of Cancer7.396Founded in 1966WileyOncology
Annals of Oncology32.976Founded in 1990European Society for Medical OncologyMedical Oncology
Molecular Cancer10.679Founded in 2002BioMed CentralCancer Biology
Cancer Biology & Therapy4.875Founded in 2002Taylor & FrancisCancer Biology
Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology4.322Founded in 1906SpringerOncology
OncoTarget0.966Founded in 2010Impact JournalsOncology
Cancer Genetics2.169Founded in 2009ElsevierCancer Genetics
Cancer Microenvironment5.38Founded in 2008SpringerTumor Microenvironment
Top Journals of Cancer Research: High-Impact Academic Journals

List of Top Immunology Journals

Journal NameImpact Factor(IF)HistoryPublisherField
Journal of Immunology5.43Founded in 1916American Association of ImmunologistsGeneral Immunology
Nature Immunology31.25Founded in 2000Springer NatureImmunology
Immunity31.745Founded in 1994Cell PressImmunology
Annual Review of Immunology32.481Founded in 1983Annual ReviewsImmunology
Cell Reports9.995Founded in 2012Cell PressImmunology
Journal of Experimental Medicine17.579Founded in 1896Rockefeller University PressGeneral Immunology
Science Immunology30.658Founded in 2016American Association for the Advancement of ScienceImmunology
Trends in Immunology19.709Founded in 1980ElsevierImmunology
Frontiers in Immunology8.787Founded in 2010Frontiers MediaImmunology
Mucosal Immunology9.02Founded in 2008Springer NatureMucosal Immunology
Journal of Virology6.549Founded in 1967American Society for MicrobiologyImmunology
Clinical and Experimental Immunology5.732Founded in 1966WileyClinical Immunology
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology14.29Founded in 1929ElsevierAllergy and Immunology
European Journal of Immunology6.68Founded in 1971WileyImmunology
Journal of Leukocyte Biology6.011Founded in 1966Society for Leukocyte BiologyImmunology
Frontiers in Immunology – T Cell Biology8.7Founded in 2010Frontiers MediaT Cell Biology
Journal of Autoimmunity14.51Founded in 1988ElsevierAutoimmunity
Journal of Immunotherapy4.912Founded in 1990Lippincott Williams & WilkinsImmunotherapy
Cellular and Molecular Immunology13.85Founded in 2004Springer NatureCellular and Molecular Immunology
Journal of Immunological Methods2.287Founded in 1972ElsevierImmunological Methods
Top Journals of Immunology : High-Impact Academic Journals

List of Top Public Health Journals

Journal TitleImpact Factor(IF)HistoryPublisherField
American Journal of Public Health11.5611911 – PresentAmerican Public Health AssociationGeneral Public Health
Bulletin of the World Health Organization13.8311948 – PresentWorld Health OrganizationGlobal Public Health
Annual Review of Public Health21.871980 – PresentAnnual ReviewsGeneral Public Health
Journal of Public Health9.3081979 – PresentOxford University PressGeneral Public Health
Health Affairs9.0481981 – PresentProject HOPEHealth Policy
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health5.1621947 – PresentBMJEpidemiology
Social Science & Medicine5.3791967 – PresentElsevierSocial Determinants of Health
Preventive Medicine4.6371972 – PresentElsevierPrevention and Screening
Journal of Health Economics3.8041982 – PresentElsevierHealth Economics
Global Health Action2.9962008 – PresentTaylor & FrancisGlobal Health
Journal of Urban Health5.8011922 – PresentSpringerUrban Health
Health Policy and Planning3.5471986 – PresentOxford University PressHealth Policy
Public Health Nutrition4.5391998 – PresentCambridge University PressNutrition
BMC Public Health4.1352001 – PresentBMCGeneral Public Health
Journal of Public Health Management and Practice2.6571995 – PresentWolters KluwerPublic Health Management
Journal of Public Health Dentistry2.2581941 – PresentWileyDental Public Health
Public Health Reports2.0391878 – PresentSAGE PublicationsGeneral Public Health
Journal of Community Health4.3711975 – PresentSpringerCommunity Health
Maternal and Child Health Journal2.3191997 – PresentSpringerMaternal and Child Health
Public Health Ethics2.7062008 – PresentOxford University PressPublic Health Ethics
Top Journals of Public Health: High-Impact Academic Journals

Note:Impact factors are for the period 2022–2023 and may vary depending on the scoring authority.

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