Sample “Statement of Purpose” for Biology Graduate School

Statement of Purpose

The supplementary stuffs of life inside the round and rectangular threshold each with exceptional functions of their own when introduced to me by my teacher as a “cell” fascinated me when I was in middle school. In the next grade, seeing onion cells aggrandized by the microscope and later learning that an egg is a cell too lured me in the field of …….. It has been a process since then and my ascension to the graduate level (Master’s degree) in the hierarchy of academia was inspired by those little things that got me curious during my time at school. Microbiology is not just about the pathogenic microorganisms, it’s also about benign and disinterested microorganisms and their huge role in the ecosystem. Those microbes and the world under the lens of microscope thrusts me to climb up the hierarchy by pursuing a Doctorate.

After high school, when most of my friend who were inclined towards biology were busy preparing for the entrance for the medical degrees, I was learning about the novel approaches developed in the field of Biological Sciences. So, to pursue my interest I joined an undergraduate course majoring in Microbiology at College supported by “THESCIENCENOTES.COM Scholarship” sponsored by in ……. During my undergraduate years, I got opportunities to acquaint myself with a huge array of topics in biological sciences. A group project focusing on isolating and identifying the pathogenic organisms from the various water samples in the valley under the able supervision of Mrs. ………., further enhanced my interest in this vast and exciting field. While working on this project, I learned about the research methodology and acquired an insider’s perspective on how research is carried out in the field of biological science.

Furthermore, my study of master’s degree at THESCIENCENOTES.COM College was the period in which I got to learn more about different facets of Biological Sciences focusing more on Medical Microbiology. During this period, I got to use and learn about various tools and procedures like spectroscopy, PCR, electrophoresis, blotting, Cell / Tissue culture etc. to name a few. Participating as a presenter in Journal Clubs and attending various seminars held in the campus made me more enthusiastic towards it. The first presentation I made during my study period was on “………………………………………………………………” ( et al 2013). AMR is one of the area of my interest and since ……….. Resistant is considered to be one of the deadliest, I did my thesis on “……………………………………..” under the supervision of ………..and ………………….. We isolated and identified the organisms (Enterobacteriaceae) from various samples and performed Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing. Carbapenem resistant isolates were then selected and PCR was done among the Modified Hodge Test positive isolates for the detection of blaNDM1 gene. The results I got as I completed my work showed a condition of havoc in the field of AMR. I presented a poster on this at a poster presentation organized in support of ……………………which was held at ……………………………………. And this work has been published in Journal.

After the completion of my degree, I joined as an intern for 7 months at XXXXXXX Hospital, Pathology Department where my job was mainly focused on processing of samples, culture, Antibiotic Sensitivity Test and reporting the result to the physician.

Simultaneously, I also worked as an intern and later as a Research Assistant for three months at……….. Research Centre, where I got to learn about and use conventional PCR, RT-PCR, and Gel Doc Electrophoresis. I also used PCR for the detection of ……. gene at this research center which was the part of my thesis.

I along with some other researchers with coinciding interest in Research decided to get our own Research Center which later got registered as………………… Here, I am working on a project regarding …….. that has been spreading across world from the month of Dec 201… We are studying the difference in …… patients’ immune response against different strains of ……. We do that by studying the host’s ….. and ……markers in response to ……. infection. Along with that we also analyze the kinetics of associated inflammatory responses in …… infection course and study the genotype and phylogenetic relation between different strains of ……… This work is being carried out in collaboration with the lab of Dr. XYZ; Institute of V. at University of uuuuuu, Galllakojsa. This work is completed, and the article is anticipated to be published soon. Currently, I am also working on a project which is focused on studying the co-prevalence of X and Y infection among intravenous drug users. Several topics have interested me over the past years. I have a proclivity towards research on biochemical aspects of an organism’s physiology. I find the chemical processes that dictate the working of our body fascinating and want to learn about how a healthy organism’s metabolism stray from its intended path in the presence of extrinsic factors like bacteria and viruses as well as a mostly intrinsic factor like cancer cells. Some topics I am passionate about revolve around the host-pathogen interaction, especially the immune response evoked by the pathogen. The role of cytokines in the host response to infection; mechanisms of pathogen detection and elimination by innate immune detection and effector systems; and the role of adaptive immune response to infection. The rapidly evolving nature of bacteria and viruses give rise to numerous antigenic variants which make the development of prophylactic vaccine arduous. Topics that tackle his conundrum interest me the most.

The origin and evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria have put forth a challenging task of investigating the mechanism of this resistance as well as figuring out the alternative to those drugs. Novel antibiotics, as well as antimicrobial peptides derived from sources like plants and insects, excite me the most when it comes to countering this problem.

Applying to graduate program at this university will be a steppingstone in my journey to acquire knowledge about the fields. I came across many faculties whose field of study are close to the interests I harbor. The interdisciplinary nature of Biological sciences, complemented by the diversity of faculty at this institution, would certainly help bring out the best in me.

My desire to pursue the PhD in Microbiology and Immunology, in part, is due to the lack of proficient academicians conducting adequate research in ….. In the future, I see myself conducting such research and promoting the importance of research in a developing nation like ours. With this intention, I am applying to your esteemed university. I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you very much.

Binod G C

I'm Binod G C (MSc), a PhD candidate in cell and molecular biology who works as a biology educator and enjoys scientific blogging. My proclivity for blogging is intended to make notes and study materials more accessible to students.